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Heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential to survive indoors and are an integral part of homes, apartment buildings, hotels, industrial

buildings, office buildings, etc. Each residential building requires a fine setup of an HVAC system to provide clean, fresh, and breathable air quality, along with the regulation of proper heating and cooling of the air. Our business offers you all possible services related to your home or residential building’s HVAC installation and maintenance, including repairs and upgrades in Santa Clara, California.  

Taking into account the significant weather fluctuations in California, with temperature variations as low as 21F and as high as 102F, it is imperative to have fully functioning air conditioning and heating systems in all homes. Otherwise, these temperature extremes are quite difficult to survive.  

An HVAC system not only regulates temperatures but also is responsible for the replenishment of oxygen and the removal of smoke, odors, moisture, dust, heat, airborne microorganisms via ventilation. The purpose of ventilation is to introduce external air and circulate breathable air inside the building.  

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Our business has been successfully installing and providing top-notch maintenance for HVAC systems in Santa Clara, CA, for quite a while now. We proudly offer highly professional services catering to the requirements of every building that is in need of a durable and sturdy HVAC system. We provide premium quality services for the installation of air conditioners, furnaces, along with services for their maintenance, repairs, and any necessary upgrades. Let us discuss our services in detail: 

1) AC Systems: 

The purpose of any air-conditioning system is not only to provide cold air in a building, but it is also responsible to control the humidity. The AC unit draws in fresh air from outside by a vent, which is directed to the section for indoor heating exchange. Here, the air is converted into indoor quality air. The system also regulates temperature by heat removal through processes such as convection, conduction, and radiation. This mechanism also applies to refrigerators.  

Our air conditioning contractors are quite skilled in managing installations of AC units in any building. For the system to work properly without wasting power, our technicians ensure that the installed system is getting the necessary horsepower it needs to run properly, depending on building to building. These basic factors can only be handled by professionals.  

Central (packaged) air conditioning systems are more commonly installed in the USA. However, they require bulky air ducts built inside the infrastructure. If any building does not have the necessary prerequisites and infrastructure, installing a central cooling system becomes difficult. For such buildings, a great alternative is a split system, which is highly common outside of Northern America. These air conditioning systems are quite easy to install, control, and operate, and they provide cool ductless air from room to room.  

Split systems save energy too and are great except the fact that their outdoor coils are quite noisy as compared to central cooling systems. As the packaged system requires two separate unit installations consisting of an outdoor coil and an indoor coil, this requires proper expertise to handle it. Hence, at our company, we have trained individuals who will be at your door, ready to install central or packaged cooling systems in no time.  

2) Furnaces: 

Heating systems are equally vital for any building just like air conditioners. During cold winters, when the temperature drops below the freezing point, it is essential to keep your homes and offices or other residential buildings well heated and comfortable. As the rest of North America uses central heating units, so does Santa Clara. The heating system has multiple parts, such as a boiler, a furnace, and a heat pump, with each section requiring careful and detailed installations.  

The heating is spread to all the rooms in a building via in-depth piping. Some heating systems have built-in circulators or geothermal heat pumps that circulate the heat through the distribution system. These ducts distribute the warm air during winters and cold air during summers when the air conditioning system takes over. Radiators, heat exchangers and hot water coils transfer heat from the piping to the surrounding air by convection, conduction, and radiation. For floors to remain warm, radiators are usually set up on walls or inside the flooring.  

Installation of furnaces is tricky and requires professional expertise. Our company offers the most efficient and safe heating installation services. If there are errors with the installation, these systems can become quite dangerous and we prioritize safety above else. The furnaces and boilers cause incomplete combustion, leading to high emissions of Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Dioxide, among other hazardous gases.  

With every heating system, a proper ventilation system needs to be installed which safely disposes of these harmful gases without compromising indoor air quality. Ventilation systems remove dust (which causes allergies), odors, dirt, moisture, heat, bacteria, and carbon dioxide from indoor air and replace it with oxygen to make it clean and breathable.  

There are two types of ventilation systems – mechanical (forced) and natural system (with windows and vents). Usually, buildings with infrastructure lacking natural systems, mechanical ventilation systems need to be installed. Hence, these are the important aspects that our HVAC contractors all work through to provide you with the best, complete services possible. Figuring out the mechanics, the thermal dynamics, infrastructural analysis and all that is needed to install a suitable HVAC system, we can do it all.  

3) Repairs 

Once installed, it is ideal to perform regular maintenance of your building or home’s HVAC systems, at least twice per annum – before summer for the air conditioning and before winter for your heating system. Routine maintenance helps save a ton of money by eliminating malfunctions and ensuring the smooth running of all the units of an HVAC system. This is manageable by trained technicians who know exactly which parts of an HVAC system can cause problems more frequently and need to be cleaned, checked, repaired, or replaced.  

The inspection of a furnace system requires a thorough 6 step inspection which our technicians are experts at. Firstly, the air filter is replaced (at least 4 times a year). The thermostat’s calibration is checked. Any connections, motors, and parts that require tightening or lubricating are attended to. The condensate drain of your furnace will be cleaned to prevent its plugging which can otherwise lead to alterations in humidity. The system controls will also be properly checked in the end to ensure that everything is running on point. You will be informed about every detail and repair necessary, including practical costs.  

Similarly, the air conditioner also requires a detailed inspection which usually has 6 basic steps as well. The fan, evaporator and condenser coil need to be cleaned with chemical or pressurized water first. This is followed by a thermostat check to see if operating requirements are met. After this, a wet bulb reading is taken, and the superheat and sub-cooling are inspected. In the end, motor amperage is checked and altered if the need arises. All problems and their repairs will be thoroughly explained to you as well by the technician to keep you updated and involved.  

Our team of technicians assesses all aspects of HVAC systems with careful detail and attention. This is a great way to find out if any repairs are necessary. Whichever system requires any repairs, our team will guide you and fully explain to you what is needed and why, along with the costs of each repair and re-installation. This way, you will feel part of the whole process and not feel like you are being overcharged for anything. Our protocols and regulations are quite strict about maintaining transparency all the way. 


4) Upgrades: 

To maintain the longevity of HVAC systems, sometimes upgrades are necessary. If your HVAC system or certain parts of it are outdated, it is our duty to keep you informed and guide you regarding the most cost-effective, practical and suitable upgrades necessary to keep your systems running with full functionality. Not only will these upgrades improve the indoor air quality of your home or residential building, but it will also save you quite a lot of money in the long run. 

Depending on your building’s size and space, your satisfaction with the current HVAC system and the appropriate system for your needs, our teams are dedicated to providing the most suitable HVAC system for you. For example, if you feel it is time for an upgrade and you keep eyeing a larger system for your square footage, you might be making a big mistake. Oversized HVAC systems can cool your home too fast and prematurely shut off, while inadequately dehumidifying the air.  

For this very reason, it is ideal that you consider our services designed specially to foster all your needs, queries, and concerns. Our team will inspect your building, check the architecture in and out, see what is missing and what needs to be installed depending on sizes, spaces, equipment, etc. This can only be handled by a professional team that knows all the minute specifications which go in such a complicated procedure.  

Why Choose Us 

Here, at Santa Clara Air Conditioning Repair Inc., we aim to provide optimum quality services for your HVAC needs in Santa Clara, California. Our teams and contractors are highly proficient and skilled at giving you a satisfactory experience each time.  

Our goal is to make your home, office or building as safe, comfortable, and relaxing as possible and we guarantee 100% results, no matter what kind of a place or problem you have. We are certified to operate in the Bay Area and offer complete transparency, trustworthiness, and reliability for all our clients.  

So, hurry up and book us for your HVAC system installations and maintenance before the season starts! 



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